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Festive donkey piñata

Take life with a grain of salt, slice of lime and shot of tequila 🌶 In the spirit of Cinco De Mayo, I thought it would be fun to make a colorfully festive piñata!​



Card stock or cardboard

4 colorful rolls of crepe paper (streamers)

Glue Roll of Tape




Start by drawing a donkey on the card stock. Cut out and trace for the second donkey shape (you'll have two, one for the front and one for the back). Next, cut two strips of card stock about 1.5 inches. Using the strips, tape the front and back together to form the body of your piñata.

Take the crepe papers, folding back and forth to make a small pile. Cut the fold off of the streamers. From there, hold the crepe paper horizontally and cut fringes into the crepe paper, about half way up. Use the glue to make lines going around the donkey, starting on the bottom and attaching the crepe paper. Continue this step, layering as you cover the piñata.

As a final step, you can cut an opening in the top of the piñata to fit candy, treats, or confetti inside the piñata. Perfect for a centerpiece or photo booth prop.

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