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When life gives you lemons...make a hat.

Looking for a fun summer look? Channel your inner Carmen Miranda with this signature fruit hat. With my new found love of lemons this summer, I made a headdress with plastic lemons, peacock feathers and satin yellow fabric.




Plastic lemons (or fruit of your choice!)

Plastic green leaves

Peacock feathers

1 yard yellow fabric

1 sheet of felt

Hot glue gun



Start by cutting a strip of felt and glue to your headband, this will add extra room for the fruit. Adjust the size to ensure the felt isn't seen when wearing the headdress.

Next, begin gluing the plastic fruit to the felt and headband, playing around with placement to make a layered effect. Repeat until the desired number of fruit pieces are secured to the headdress. For finishing touches, glue the peacock feathers to the back of the headband and add the plastic leaves for decoration.

When wearing the hat, first place the headdress on your head. Once placed, take your fabric and fold in half. Start by wrapping the fabric on the back of your head and pull forward, tying a bow in the front of your head.

Time for pictures!

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