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Chilling with style

With Prosecco flowing and good friends gathering, add the perfect accent to your summer ice bucket! This really simple DIY is the perfect fresh touch to your summer party and can be mixed up with edible flowers, berries and herbs to create a fun embellishment. You don't have to limit yourself to an ice bucket, you can even add the infused ice to water or a cocktail.



Ice cube tray

Herbs (mint, thyme and rosemary are great options)


Berries (I used blue berries)


First, boil a pot of water, this will help get rid of any imperfections when the water freezes. Let cool. Once the water is at room temperature, fill the ice try half way with water and place your herbs and berries in each 'cube.' Let freeze. Once the ice is frozen (several hours) fill each 'cube' to the top with water. Let freeze.

Once the cubes are frozen, embellish your ice bucket with the berry and herb cubes! Enjoy.

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