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Valentine's Day fondue night in

For Valentine's Day this year I wanted to style a romantic fondue set up for the perfect night in with your special someone or BFFs! George and I don't go over the top for Valentine's Day and often prefer a relaxing night and time together, which is why this is a fun alternative. With beautiful gold and pink hues, I used elegant roses and glowing candles to help set the scene while pairing 90+ Cellars delicious Riesling with a yummy fondue platter.

What makes fondue so great is all the options of desserts, berries and food you can choose from to dip into the chocolate. I incorporated bananas, black berries, strawberries, a shortbread cookie and pretzels because they complimented the fragrant aromas and not to sweet wine. When planning out your fondue board, I recommend looking at the back of the wine bottle to see what works well with it! I found the wine refreshing with hints of berries, which made for a delicious pairing with the options I selected.

I definitely had a lot of fun with this setting and added little details throughout to make it even more special--such as hearts hanging from the chandelier, DIY 'XO' placemats and gold accent pieces!

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