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Decadent Valentine's Day cookie box

Nothing screams Valentine's Day quite like sweet treats! For someone who has a sweet tooth (like myself), this cookie box has several different homemade cookies that make for a thoughtful gift or party treat. What I love most about cookie boxes is how personalized it can be, and, there are so many treat possibilities to choose from - whether different Valentine heart cookies to macaroons or candy inspired by the holiday.

Assembling your box

I have so many fond memories of baking cookies or desserts with my mom for different holidays, with every sweet bite filled with themed sprinkles! That's why I wanted to make a cookie box filled with different flavors - from chocolate delights to light meringue bites. For starters, I created a few recipes to get you started on your heart box:

- Heart sugar cookies with royal icing *Same cookie dough for heart shaped jam cookies, just stamp and fill with your favorite jam!

- Meringue drops *I used this Food Network recipe with a 2D tip and red food coloring! I left them in the oven for several hours to harden.

The red velvet "kiss" cookies have a rich, chocolatey texture and the red food coloring and sprinkles makes it a whimsical cookie for the holiday. And, I love how the sugar cookie dough is delicious for both a regular sugar cookie with royal icing or a stamped heart cookie with a jam filling.

Choosing the right packaging

It's all about the cookie display! With a little bit of crinkle paper and a heart box, your cookies will have an elevated and elegant look. Layering each cookie will also create a unique, overlapping look and a little more fun than an organized chocolate box.

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