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Elegant gold and red holiday table setting

With the swirl and excitement of the holidays, I'm a bit behind in sharing the beatiful table I set with my mom! Every Christmas we set our table with elegant china and my mom's Waterford collection to truly transform our celebration into a stunning holiday scene. Creating a sophisticated table setting elevates the overall atmosphere, especially for a special day with delicious food. I honestly find it sad that collecting china has become a lost art for my generation, which is one of the many reasons I cherish this tradition because it really makes any holiday or even eating a casual meal even more special.

My mom's pattern is timeless, with a white plate and gold leaf trim which goes with just about any color tablecloth. This year we decided to stick to a gold and red tablescape because it complimented the elements and theme of our dining room Christmas tree. As a centerpiece, we used beaded and gold glass trees with dried berries and gold leaves to fill in the holes. We also scattered gold ornaments around the centerpiece to further accent the hanging ornaments that are tied to our chandelier.

Growing up, attention to detail was a critical skill we learned at a young age, so we found another way to tie in the tree theme to the table by folding our napkins into a festive tree shape to further accentuate the centerpiece. Using gold chargers also helped create an even more magical table. Don't be afraid to play with different elements, but make sure to stick to the color scheme and theme of the table to ensure everything is cohesive.


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