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How to stay warm in New England

On Thursday, New England battled 'Bomb Cyclone' with below zero wind chill, iced over roads, and crazy amounts of snow. Even shoveling my driveway, the snow was up to my knees! This bone chilling weather has been brutal to say the least. While I have lived in Massachusetts my entire life, and besides going to school in Rhode Island, I've learned how to prepare for the nasty winter weather. I still love the beauty of the white snow and the fun winter activities, but staying warm is the key to enjoying the season! Wanted to share some tips for you, so you can feel like the cold never bothered you anyway as you face the winter weather.

Layering. Make sure to wear several layers before braving the cold outdoors or staying warm inside! Cozy sweaters with a cute scarf to compliment your outfit is perfect for New England winters. Also wearing fuzzy socks and even long underwear can do the trick (you may laugh but it really helps!).

Invest in a warm winter coat. Whether you're commuting to work or getting ready for the slopes, having a coat that effectively battles the cold is a must. Especially with the recent freezing windchill, you need a parka that keeps you warm. I'm loving the winter coat I purchased from The North Face (pictured above) because it is heavily insulated, bereathable and waterproof. I am someone who is ALWAYS cold, and this jacket keeps me extremely warm walking from the train station to work...which is almost a mile. Other brands like Patagonia, L.L. Bean, and Columbia offer other affordable, warm coat options.

Winter boots are a must. Don't get cold feet this winter! Winter boots are often associated with the stigma of clunky and unfashionable, which is not always the case! L.L. Bean boots are all the rage, while other brands like Sorel make insulated boots to keep your toes from freezing. My grandmother got me a pair for Christmas and I absolutely love them (pictured above). They are also really cute and come in neutral colors that go with everything.

Staying warm indoors. Sometimes even with all your layers and warm winter gear, staying inside while it is too cold outside is the best option. Rent a fun movie, snuggle in a blanket, and sit by the fire to relax.

Bonus: hot chocolate! If you're trying to stay cozy and want a warm treat, hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up. Add marshmallows and whipped cream to top it off!

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