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Paradise in Jamaica

With a very hectic start to the new year with work, new adult responsibilities and law school, George and I were very excited to plan a getaway to Jamaica this past week. The beautiful water and warm weather were the perfect draw for paradise! We definitely followed the wise tunes of Bob Marley during our visit..."don't worry about a thing,'cause every little thing gonna be all right."

We spent six days and five nights at Sandals Ochi Rios, a fabulous all inclusive resort (just imagine endless gourmet food...!). With the sun shining and reggae music playing, I only had one small sunburn, which is a major win! While with most of our vacations we love exploring new places, we spent the majority of our time lounging by the pool and beach all day with amazing food and tropical drinks! If you ever have the chance, try a 'Dirty Banana,' it was my go-to drink and has the perfect blend of rum and banana.

We really had an incredible time together and highly recommend Jamaica as the perfect destination if you're looking for a relaxing, yet fun getaway. Looking for your next place to travel? Check out some of the photographs from our trip below.

Travel tip: when we initially started planning our vacation in November, we had a hard time deciding between several places in the caribbean. Knowing we wanted a relaxing, warm place that fit our budget, our AAA travel agent helped us find the perfect deals for Jamaica (one of the perks of being a AAA member!).

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