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New England's Pick Your Own Flowers

One of my favorite activities and Instagram spots is pick your own flower farms. New England has several breathtaking family owned flower fields, giving a blooming backdrop for a perfect summer day. A few people have asked where I've captured some of my flower photos, so I wanted to create a map of some great places to try! Below are the three I've been too, and if you scroll down I created a map of some other stunning farms in New England.

1. Parlee Farms - Zinnias, Sunflowers | July through October

Not only can you pick your own cherries, blue berries and fresh fruit, Parlee Farms offers cut-your-own flowers from late July through September. With over an acre of zinnias, sunflowers and dahlias, you can wander through the field creating the perfect floral arrangement.

2. Colby Farms - Sunflowers | late August / early September

If you're looking for beautiful sunflowers, head to Colby Farms in late August and early September to see over two acres of sunflowers. This makes for stunning photos, and even with tourists visiting there is so much room for people to take photos, appearing like you're the only one there. Colby Farm also grows several other products and sells them at their farm stand. Check out my blog post from Colby Farms to see how perfect the field is for photos!

3. Wicked Tulips - Tulips | late April / early May

Working hard to protect pollinators and with a passion for growing tulips, Jeroen and Keriann created Wicked Tulip Flower Farm, the largest you pick tulip field in New England. Featuring gorgeous bulbs imported from Holland, you can tour the fields and create a bouquet of tulips to take home.

Before visiting, make sure to check the farm's website for updates on weather and if they are open. When taking pictures, morning or sunset is the best time because the lighting isn't harsh and be sure to interact with space to get natural images. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the beautiful view!

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