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Homemade lemonade hostess gift kit

Besides the holiday season, I feel like summer is the peak entertaining season! When I was growing up my mom taught me to always show up to a party or if I were staying the night a friends house that I needed to bring a hostess gift. It's a thoughtful gesture to say thank you but also shows you appreciate the hard work and efforts of your hostess.

For a cheerful and simple hostess gift, I created this homemade lemonade kit! Pick up a cute glass pitcher and fill with crinkle paper to add a layer and cushion for the lemons. Next, add about six lemons and place a napkin in the opening for a decorative accent. Then tie a whisk with yellow and white ribbon to the handle of the pitcher. As a finishing touch print out a lemon for your gift tag. You can also place a bag of sugar with a cute ribbon in the pitcher to sweeten the lemonade. This cheerful gift will surely put a smile on their face!

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