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How to create a DIY witches cauldron for Halloween

Double, double toil and trouble! I'm so excited to share one of my ALL TIME favorite crafts...this gorgeous spooky yet whimsical cauldron with so many stunning details and textures. Use as a beautiful Halloween decor piece or even a centerpiece to elevate your celebrations.



1 large cauldron *Target, Michael's or even Party City are a great option!

3 bricks of florist foam

2 paper bags

1 kit of 24 shatterproof green ornaments (3.2")

1 kit of 24 shatterproof green ornaments (1.6")

1 kit of 34 shatterproof black ornaments (60mm)

Hot glue gun

3 yards of green tulle

3 yards of black tulle


  1. Take your cauldron and fill it with the three bricks of florist foam to create an elevated foundation for the ornaments. Fill in the the holes with by stuffing with paper bags, so there is a mound of materials, creating the perfect layer to adhere the ornaments to.

  2. Hot glue the larger ornaments, knob side town, to the foam and paper bags. Alternate with colors and other larger ornaments, not only filling the surface but also stacking on top of each other to create dimension.

  3. Next, glue in the smaller ornaments throughout the cauldron surface to fill in gaps and holes. This will create a beautiful bubble effect. Make sure to use all the ornaments and then as a finishing touch glue the eyeballs.

  4. To further fill in the holes, cut squares of the tulle and hot glue in the holes but also create a stunning simmering look.


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