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How to create a leprechaun house for St. Patrick's Day

Top o' the morning! There's something magical about the folklores of leprechauns - from their mischievous antics or their journey to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Growing up, we would always make leprechaun traps to try to capture one, often finding a potato, chocolate gold coins and our furniture flipped upside down. It was always such a treat finding our milk dyed green and green bagels in the morning after we tried to catch a leprechaun.

Fast forward to growing up and having my own place, I still love to honor the whimsical traditions my family celebrated. So instead of a leprechaun trap this year, we decided to make a little home for our favorite magical creatures. I often find St. Patrick's Day decor is unfortunately very cheesy or doesn't go with my apartment aesthetic, so we wanted to create a more elegant scape for the holiday. So, I'm excited to share how we created these adorable little leprechaun house setups!

Leprechaun house materials

Truthfully, it was hard to find more elevated items to use, but there were a few miniature options at Hobby Lobby and Michaels that did the trick. At first I saw beautiful moss houses at Home Depot but they were too expensive for what we wanted to do with them, but then I stumbled upon moss bird houses from Hobby Lobby that were a great price and added height to our setup. Other items we picked up include:

- Leprechaun figurines (option one, option two)

- Mod Podge

- Sheetrock or thick foam board

- Gold glitter

- Hot glue gun

Decorating your leprechaun display

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! First, we covered the foam board with the moss runner to make a surface for our other items and also used it to cover the edges. Then, we added glitter to the roof of each house using Mod Podge, but you can really add glitter anywhere on the house! We used gold, but other fun colors can be green or rainbow.

From there, we hot glued the figurines around the houses, positioning them in different parts of the yard to create miniature vignettes. Adding glitter to the mushrooms also made it feel even more magical! Don't be afraid to get creative with and find other items that match the look you want to go for, such as flowers, little pots of gold, etc.

When you're finished decorating, find a spot to display the adorable little village - right now it's on my entry way bureau, but you can also display on your dining table or a side table.


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