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How to upgrade your bedroom to fit your style

I've lived at home post college for just under three years and it's the first time that I've really had the chance to upgrade my bedroom! This fall my parents renovated our upstairs, transforming our old space to give them a master bedroom sanctuary and new bedrooms for myself and my sister. To be honest, it was exciting to start with a blank slate and to really create a space I was proud of but also a relaxing area to come home to.

My style has definitely evolved over the last few years, so I wanted to design a room that was sophisticated and elegant but also functional. I chose my color scheme of pink, gold, brown with hints of blue before the design process because it was the foundation I could always refer back to (something I highly recommend doing if you're making over a room!).

It's the first time I've ever had a queen bed so I was excited to pick a new bedspread and headboard! Macy's was having an incredible sale when we purchased them, so we selected items that were high quality but for a fantastic price. With the bed taking up most of my room, I wanted a bedspread that wasn't too busy but still gave a beautiful look because it is such a focal point of the space. As you can probably tell, I also have a thing for pillows!

A bedspread gives a room character, so when you're looking to find a new one browse your options, read the reviews, and pick something that as intricate details, a beautiful pattern and matches your colors!

For the decorative accents and wall decor I wanted each element to be soft, match the color scheme and be clutter free. I chose items such as blue and white bowls, ginger jars and gold frames to place on my nightstand, the dresser and table next to my chair. Even though the room is smaller with a queen bed, it was still important for me to have a sitting area to read a book or relax in a comfy chair. It also gave the room a fun pop of color with bright pink!

When choosing decorative elements, search for items that help tie the room together and that add a unique look or dimension to an area such as an antique jug or dough bowl. Ginger jars and bowls are woven throughout the space to add blue accents and for an additional texture I added potpourri to the bowls.

To incorporate further nods of gold I placed a long tray on my dresser and found mercury glass lamps that picked up on the rivets in my headboard.

The built in bookcase is also a stunning part of my room because it is another place to display some of my treasures. Some are HomeGoods or Pier 1 finds while others are from antiquing and my travels.

Designing bookcases can be challenging, so I found it helpful to lay out all my items and create clusters of them on each shelf. If you notice, the blue is on alternate sides of each shelf to make it more appealing to the eye.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when designing a new space is that you need to make it your own. Yes Pinterest and magazines are great for inspiration or as a starting point, but at the end of the day you need to select items that make you happy, because after all you're the one living with it!


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