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My simple day and night skin care routine

I've always been self-conscious of my skin, so it's a harder topic for me to talk about! I had severe acne throughout high school and still struggle with rosacea, but over the years I've really learned to understand the importance of taking care of my very sensitive skin. Between yearly dermatologist visits and the proper medications and creams, I've gotten my morning and nightly routines down to a science.

While everyone's skin is different, it's important to pay attention to what it needs especially during the changing seasons. Extra hydration during the winter is key, but also always protecting yourself from the sun is crucial no matter the time of the year. I also try to go make-up free on the weekends if I'm hanging around the house or running errands to give my skin a break.

I'm excited to share my routine with you below and even though I mostly use Clinique products, I've found they really work for my delicate skin because their products are clean, fragrance free, and dermatologist tested. Their products also don't irritate my skin, which I've worked so hard to take care of!

I do want to caveat that I'm not a professional and everyone has different skin types, so make sure you pick products and a regiment that works for YOU!


For a refreshing start to the day, I use three simple steps before applying my makeup.

  • Clinique Liquid Face Soap - Mild: As the dry combination, I start my morning by washing my face with Clinque's Liquid Face Soap. This helps rinse my skin and remove dirt and debris. It's gentle and comes in three styles to help very dry, dry or oily skin (see here).

  • Clarifying Lotion - This liquid exfoliating lotion is very gentle, and I use right after washing my face! It takes off the extra grime and dry skin flakes for a refreshing feel and look. It's important to exfoliate your skin because it helps make it more receptive to hydration. Take a cotton ball to apply and swipe over face and neck (see here).

  • La Roche-Posay - Not only does sunscreen help protect from aging, it also is a preventative measure from skin cancer. I apply it after I use my clarifying lotion and before putting on my makeup as a protective layer. Even though this is on the pricier side, I love how light La Roche-Posay feels (see here).


To get ready for bed I first wash my face with the Clinique Liquid Face Soap, followed by the clarifying lotion. After the clarifying lotion I use the following products:

  • Take The Day Off Makeup Remover - I love how easily this takes off my eye makeup and how it doesn't irritate my skin. It's important to remove everything to ensure pores aren't clogged (see here).

  • Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator - Just after climbing into bed I apply this gel-cream for rehydration. It delivers a moisture boost, helping create an internal water source to create a healthy glow (see here).

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