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Spooky apothecary jars

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, I love the elegant color combinations of black, orange and darker hues! Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to include cheesy elements, you can easily find or make chic items that really stand out. My mom has these gorgeous jars from Michaels and we love dressing them up for each holiday, but also think they are an elegant way to celebrate Halloween.

We choose a spooky graveyard theme, brining it to life with black sand, tombstones, skeletons, a ghost and a haunted house. There's so many different options you can choose from, so head to your local craft store and see what they have! Michaels had a huge selection, everything from witches and ghosts to black cats and spooky trees. Another tip is to incorporate battery operated lights because they add an extra glimmer during the night.

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