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Make your own viral, thrifted ghost painting

While I typically don't follow trending ideas and prefer to share my own, I loved the viral #ghostpainting TikTok trends that's been spreading fast and furiously. For those that enjoy crafting and thrifting, this is the perfect night-in activity - all you need to do is pick up a vintage painting from your local thrift store, some Halloween themed paint colors and add spooky elements to your painting!



Thrifted painting

Halloween colored paint (black, orange, green, purple, white)

Paint brushes


  1. Head to your local thrift store and select a painting that speaks to you and would work for the #ghostpainting, such as a landscape, house or battlefield.

  2. Remove the painting from the frame and place on a flat surface.

  3. Using the painting scene to inspire your Halloween items, start by picking something supernatural like a ghost or skeleton.

  4. The beauty of this craft is you can really add as little or as many motifs as you want.

  5. Once the paint is dry, secure back into the frame and display or hang as part of your Halloween decor.


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