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A delicious Halloween snack-board you'll go batty over!

Who doesn't love delicious snacks and treats, especially during spooky season? For any movie night, Halloween gathering or to make a festive night for your family, this whimsical bat snack-board is the perfect centerpiece for any celebration!

Making your bat

While I've seen pumpkins or skeletons on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to highlight an iconic Halloween symbol but one that hasn't been done before! A bat rose to the top, especially with the amount of black or dark brown treats you can find at your local grocery store.

When making the bat, you'll need to first outline it with various sized black liquorice Twizzlers to create a clearly defined shape. Next, fill the bat with your favorite themed treats, including:

- Blackberries

- Black grapes

- Dates

- Mini Junior Mints

- Oreos

The Oreos formed the perfect head. We also added these adorable Wilton eyes and candy corn as teeth to really bring our board to life! To create a spooky affect, we spread fake spiderwebs across our surface and placed leftover candy eyes to make it really eye-popping (no pun intended!).

Vibrant Halloween background

For a show stopping snack-board background, use orange snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables to make your bat really 'pop'! As some inspiration, weave in:

- Dried apricots

- Oranges

- Orange peppers

- Candy corn

- Cheez-Its

- Carrots

Other elements you can also consider are cheddar cheese, cantaloupe, or adding small pumpkins!


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