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Après-ski inspired cozy backyard date

Snuggling up at home this winter is the perfect way to spend the colder months...especially for a fun adult snow day! With the tough balance of working at home and living at home, I always try to find ways to think outside the box for dates or time with family because it helps celebrate even the little moments together. Since we don't leave the house much these days I thought it would be fun to transform our backyard into an après-ski inspired escape with faux fur cozy blankets, a fire pit and delicious food! It was so relaxing and something you can create at home with these simple steps.

1. Create a cozy après-ski atmosphere

For those of you who don't know what après-ski is, it's French for "after ski," consisting of social gatherings following a long day of skiing with libations, activities and entertainment. While I'm not much of a's still fun to take elements from a day on the mountains or enjoying winter activities, such as skates, faux fur blankets, skis, a fire pit, firewood, to transform your backyard into a cozy atmosphere. Drape the blankets on a chair for a relaxed look and incorporate your other elements in and around your chairs, table and fire pit.

2. Cook delicious, hardy food

Winter food is all about hardy, cozy meals that warm you up with the chill of the season. One of my go-to dishes is chili with all the toppings so it's an interactive meal you can make your own. I used this chili recipe, which we've used for years and it's truly delicious! Pair with cornbread muffins or nachos for a bite-sized side that adds a nice texture to the chili. For other meal inspiration, look into beef stew, chicken pot pie, pulled pork or chicken soup and grilled cheese for other ways to brighten up your date.

3. Set a casual table

Since you are going to be outdoors, you'll want to set a casual, inviting table that emulates the low-key environmnet. Use a plaid table thorw to set a relaxed tablescape. Make sure the colors match your blankets for a cohesive look! We used a red, blue and green table throw which went well with the brow bean pot and black serving dishes along with the brown blankets. To add some extra detail, place boquets of white flowers in mason jars and incoprotae thistles because the spikey texture gives off a hardy yet natural appearance.


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