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Hi, Barbie! Barbie dream house themed bachelorette party

Between the blockbuster hit to merchandise and partnerships in every store, Barbie had a major moment this past summer. So, it's to no surprise that the theme makes for a great bachelorette party especially for a pink and glamor loving bride.

Planning this celebration was by far one of my favorite decoration displays I have ever worked on, and I spent two days with friends and my mother-in-law transforming their house into a Barbie dream house, with no detail spared - from framed photos of our Barbie photoshoot, to a Barbie box and edible pink glitter.

While everyone has their own style and decoration preferences, I'm excited to share tips and tricks below for how to create your own Barbie party at home!

Where to begin...ask the right questions!

Before ANY bachelorette party that I've planned I made sure to sit down with the Bribe and ask for them to fill out a questionnaire to share exactly how they envision their party coming to life. Everyone has different ideas on how they want everything to unfold, so it's important to make sure your event is everything the Bride wants! So, think through the night or weekend and ask questions like:

  • What time of year are you hoping to have your bachelorette?

  • Where do you want your bachelorette? Is there a location in mind (i.e. local, travel/hotel, etc.)?

  • What style of bachelorette do you want (i.e. party vibe, low-key, etc)?

  • How involved do you want to be in the planning process?

  • Beyond bridesmaids, do you want anyone else attending your bachelorette?

  • What are some activities you would want included?

  • Are there any color schemes, themes, or decorations to keep in mind?

  • What are some must haves at your bachelorette?

After the Bride filled out each question it gave us the opportunity to connect with the bridesmaids to ensure we created an unforgettable weekend that the Bride wanted.

Set the tone with themed invitations're in planning mode! Once your location and dates are locked in (make sure to play months in advance, as schedules can be difficult to navigate depending on the bridal party size!).

With any party, even a bachelorette party, I always love to 'set the tone' with an invitation that cohesively ties the theme together. For this part in particular, we set up a Barbie focused photoshoot for my sister in law during the summer where we captured vibrant pink and whimsical photographs that paid homage to Barbie. We then used the gorgeous photos for the invitations and also framed several to place around each station.

We leveraged vibrant pink props for the photoshoot including a pink backdrop, disco balls, vintage teacups and jewelry then finished with pink flowers for a fresh touch. My sister-in-law had playful outfits that captured the detail of Barbie's fabulous wardrobe. If you choose to do your own photoshoot, the key is to have condensed frames with props and your bride so you don't need to go over the top with setup, instead focus on her interacting with the props and capture closeups! We found that going over the top with the type of props made for even more spectacular outcome.

For the invitations themselves, I found a template on Etsy and also purchased wax seals with Barbie heads for an additional touch. Unfortunately, both are no longer on Etsy but you can still search for some other great options. After I printed the invitations at Staples then stuffed each envelope with confetti for a little surprise for each recipient!

Making an entrance

We all know Barbie knows how to make an entrance! So, we used the entryway with a easy to build metal arch from Amazon covered in shimmer curtains for a playful entrance. We also filled the hallway with balloons and the goodybags for the girls (which had adorable Barbie pajamas!). Lastly, we hung a printout from the bride's photoshoot as a 'welcome' sign to kick off the party when guests arrived.

Creating a Barbie inspired tablescape

One of the main focal points of the event was setting a Barbie tablescape for guests to sit at, play games and mingle.

To bring the table to life I started with several yards of tulle down the center of the table, creating layers and a place for the decor elements to be displayed. You'd be surprised how cheap yet magical tulle can be, especially to easily transform a space! From there, we started with our larger elements - aka the Barbie cars - and placed them on top of the tulle down the center of the table. Since we had three of them, we spaced them out and then built the remainder of the centerpiece around the cars with Barbies, disco balls, candles and bud vases.

Incase you want to create a similar table of your own, below are the items I used. However, don't be afraid to look on Amazon or venture to some stores to see what else there is to incorporate that you're inspired by!

We also had the Bribe's very talented Thea make these STUNNING floral arrangements in each car that captured the whimsical pink hues with flowers like roses and ranunculus. Nailing the floral arrangements really brought the table to life!

Iconic Barbie box photo-booth

The Bride's one request was to have a Barbie box - so we made it happen! Yes, you can go the custom made route or make one on your own but these can be the more expensive route which is totally fine but think about if you are going to reuse it or not! Instead of making one, I found the photo booth cardboard cutout at Party City for a reasonable price and that could stand on its own for photos.

With the Barbie box as the focal point, we built the backdrop around the box using this shimmer photo wall and various colored balloon arches. The key was creating an layered for an impressive impact! I also purchased this balloon arch kit on Amazon along with these foil balloons for more detail.

One of the most thoughtful and personal touches was the beautiful Barbie the Bride's Yiayia decorated! It was originally from my mother-in-law's bridal shower, and was saved all these years for a special day and then transformed with a new outfit and hairdo to fit the party theme.

If you choose to build a photobooth (I mean...why not?!), make sure to find a central location for it and one that's big enough for all the bridesmaids to fit into a photo!

I'm just Ken's bar

Of course, we couldn't forget about our favorite leading man...Ken. We used the pantry area as the bar and covered every wall and surface with shimmer curtain layers to add a shimmery look. Then, we made themed cocktails and placed them in dispensers on the bar or a champagne tower:

  • Rose sangria

  • Strawberry margarita

  • Champagne tower with cotton candy filled with edible glitter

The bar also had little details including shirtless Kens, pink Barbie drink stirs, and a Barbie neon sign.

The most important part of bachelorette planning?! HAVE FUN. At the end of the day it's a special celebration to honor the Bride in your life, so regardless of the location or size of the bridal party, it's important to have the celebrations be focused on the Bride and bringing to life her vision for an unforgettable and memorable weekend with her girls!


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