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Create an elegant harvest inspired dessert buffet

Thanksgiving is such a special time of year - while I'm more of a Christmas person, I do love that it's another holiday and because to gather with family, friends and loved ones. And, this may be an unpopular opinion, but turkey and the meal itself isn't my favorite....but...I do LOVE the dessert part. I mean who doesn't?!

So, whether you're hosting or helping family set-up for the holiday, make your Thanksgiving dessert buffet a show stopper! With beautiful harvest elements and orange, green and red hues you'll create a stunning display to satisfy your sweet tooth. Sharing some tips for how we brought ours to life - and at the end of the day, you'll want to make it your own!

Setting the perfect dessert buffet

I was inspired by the gorgeous Fitz & Floyd Harvest plates and serving ware adorned with fall foliage and ornate details, so I wanted to ensure those elements where infused throughout the buffet.

Start with placing your dishes and platters out given they will be your key element for the desserts. Make sure to scatter the sizes so it's visually appealing. Next, add your pumpkins and harvest wheat as the focal elements of the decor display, and it gives an easy platform to weave greenery in and around the pumpkins. Some elements to consider include:

- Wheat grass bundles

- Orange, green and white pumpkins, assorted sizes

- Greenery (such as magnolia leaves or eucalyptus

You can also keep it monochromatic with your favorite harvest color or include other elements like a cornucopia or turkey.

Pick an assortment of desserts

I have such a sweet tooth, so I always love having an assortment of desserts and I'm sure your guests will too! It's also great instead of making every single thing to ask your guests to bring their favorite dessert or head to your local Whole Foods or grocery store to pick up some delicious options. If you aren't sure where to start, I'm sharing a list below of my 'go-to's':

- Pumpkin pie

- Pumpkin spiced turkey cake

- Fresh fruit

- Pumpkin roll

- Assorted chocolates

- Pumpkin shaped cookies

- Pumpkin inspired cupcakes

- Petite cakes


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