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Creating an epic (and easy!) bagel board

As weekend plans continue to ramp up this spring and into summer, creating a bagel board will most defintily be a a brunch crowd pleaser! You can't go wrong with a beautiful display of fresh ingredients artfully overlapping eachother for a photoworthy (and delicious!) arrangement.

What you'll need for your bagel board

The key is to have enough variety for toppings and cream cheese spreads to give guests the chance to make a customized bagel to enjoy. Choosing the number of toppings also depends on the size of the board you plan on using and the number of guests you are hosting. You can also get really creative with your food selection or stick to the classics, it's truly your preference.

- An assortment of bagels

- Dill

- Arugula

- Basil

- Pickles

- Smoked samlon

- Capers

- Tomatoes

- Sliced onions

- Cream cheese (mix in a plain cream cheese and also a few flavored options like onion and chive)

- Fruit (blueberries, strawberries, or slice oranges are always refreshing)

Building your bagel board

Now, the fun part! Start by spacing out the larger items such as bowls to add height and dimension, your cream cheese and bagels on the board. Oftentimes creating a few separate clusters of bagels will help fill up the space while giving it an asthetically pleasing look. This will act as your foundation to weave in the smaller food elements such as the onions, smoked salmon, and tomatoes.

For finishing touches on the board, place dill and arugula in the empty spaces to create a layered effect.


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