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Dessert crepe board to celebrate the New Year

Looking to extend your New Year celebrations? Crepes are a versatile sweet or savory French staple that make any occasion feel extra special. Putting together a crepe board is a delicious dessert (or breakfast) option to enjoy with family and it's an interactive way to indulge in a decadent treat!

There are a few tricks to making crepes, starting with the wrist motion to ensure the batter fully covers the pan fully while maintaining an even heat while you cook the crepes. I used a simple recipe from a Jacques Pepin cookbook, but found a similar one on Food Network here that you can use.

The beauty of crepes is you can even make them a day ahead before you want to enjoy them, which is great for when we are able to have larger gatherings again! When you are ready to plate the crepes, place them on a marble board with fruit and little bowls filled with sprinkles and chocolate. There are so many different toppings to choose from so get creative!


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