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DIY wedding welcome boxes for guests

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Whether your guests are traveling from out of town or you want to incorporate an extra special detail, creating welcome boxes can really be the cherry on top of your guests' experience. It's also the perfect opportunity to add your and your partner's personality to wedding day! There are so many different options and ideas to choose from, with the most important being picking items that are meaningful yet complement your overall wedding aesthetic.

We loved building our welcome boxes and created them for guests staying at the hotel so they were able to enjoy a late night snack inspired by us. As guests were checking in, they helped provide a glimpse of what was to come during our reception while weaving in our sophisticated yet whimsical theme.

While my post is just one to inspire you, bridal media outlets such as Brides or The Knot have some other wonderful ideas that will also hopefully inspire you.

What to include in your welcome boxes

We decided to keep our welcome boxes elegant and simple! Each box included:

- 2x mini water bottles

- 2x repackaged Goldfish bags

- 2x customized fortune cookies

- 2x Made Good snack bags

- 1x box of Hershey Kisses

- 1x welcome note

Every item we selected meant something to our relationship. For starters, the fortune cookie is how George asked me to prom and then proposed to me, so we felt it was fitting to order custom fortune cookies with the line George proposed to me with"I see a wedding in your near future." It was a special touch we alluded to in our welcome notes. We also added our favorite snacks, including Goldfish (which we eat ever night) and Hershey Kisses.

It's important to select items that don't break the bank, especially if you have a lot to make, but also pay homage to your relationship. You can also include other elements that are seasonal or items such as matches, a candle, locally sourced items, etc. The sky is the limit! Make sure you spend the time to research items to include and visiting stores like BJ's or Costco to buy in bulk.

It's all about the details

As I shared in my wedding details blog post, the details are a crucial element of your wedding! Our welcome boxes featured our wax seal on gift tags paired with a satin burgundy ribbon to tie the kraft box together. We loved the natural look that tied to our older, eclectic venue and also purchased kraft boxes to wrap our groomsmen gifts in so it was cohesive. The box shape also made it easy to carry for guest and we are so thankful our hotel was so accommodating!

Growing up, my mom always taught me to pay attention to the little details that go a long way, which is why we ended up repackaging the Goldfish for a cleaner look and boxed the Hershey Kisses in clear boxes for a more uniform effect.

For a final detail, writing a note in your wedding font to truly welcome guests and get them excited for the evening goes a long way. We used the note as a way to thank them for joining us, share our story and encourage them to join us on the dance floor.


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