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Easy recipe for a holiday simmer pot

While I absolutely love my Christmas tree, we unfortunately use a fake one in our apartment so I miss the piney smell that fills my home during the holidays. So, I wanted to make a natural and beautiful way to capture the smell of Christmas with a holiday simmer pot! They are so easy to make and it gives you a lot of options to play with scents from fresh ingredients - everything from citrus to spices or evergreen.



1x sliced orange

2x cinnamon sticks

Rosemary sprigs

1 bag of cranberries



  1. Fill a pot with cold water.

  2. Place your ingredients into the pot (in no particular order!)

  3. Set the pot on your stove top and turn your burner to 'low' or 'medium.' Let simmer for several hours. Pending the ingredients you choose, this can last up to several days if stored in the fridge and adding fresh water when using.


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