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Fall inspired at-home s'mores charcuterie board

The beauty of making s'mores is how simple or elaborate they can be! As a way to enjoy the changing seasons while capturing the bold flavors of fall, I created this autumn inspired s'mores board...with an artful spin, of course. For a departure from a traditional s'more, the board infuses bold spices and taste combinations for a truly decadent dessert.

Considering we are enjoying more time in our backyard by the fire pit, I wanted to create something out of the ordinary with a beautiful charcuterie inspired s'mores board - something that's really fun to replicate at home and a current trend emerging on Instagram!

Curate delicious treats to feature

Instead of the traditional graham crackers and basic chocolate, I made ginger snap cookies because all the spices capture the essence of fall. Adding a variety of cookies is also great to give your family the choice of really creating their own delicious s'more that fits what they want to eat.

- Homemade ginger snaps

- Chocolate wafers

- Graham crackers

- Pretzels

- Caramel sauce

- Marshmallows

- Roasted marshmallows

- Dark chocolate salted caramel

- Rum spiced pear and apple slices

For the pears and apples, we chopped each into slices and mixed with rum, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger and some nutmeg, sauteing it over the stove until cooked through. The roasted marshmallows add an extra special detail - which we broiled in the oven in a small cast iron dish.

Organize in a beautiful display

What makes charcuterie boards so elegant is the weaving positioning of the cookies with the layering of there elements. It creates a beautiful patterned effect for guests even during socially distant gatherings. Using smaller dishes such as single-sized cast iron pans or bowls helps push the visual elements while keeping the food organized.

Start by placing the cast iron pans and bowls on the board, giving you lanes to weave the cookies through. I started with the ginger snaps because they were the biggest shape, then added in the chocolate wafers, chocolate and marshmallows to fill in the gaps. It's totally okay to play around with placement until you're happy with the overall result!


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