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Inspiration for creating a golf Easter basket for the golf enthusiast

Not only is Easter around the corner, but the Masters happen to be this weekend! For the person in your life that loves golf (the way my husband does!), I put together a golf themed basket with all the essentials. Not only is this adorable for Easter, but you can replicate for Father's Day or as a birthday gift!

I loved curating such elegant yet custom items to make the basket feel elevated, especially so they naturally weave into our tiny apartment decor as accent pieces. For starters, start with a color scheme to make the basket feel cohesive. I chose green and blue, because I fell in love with these embroidered napkins I found on Etsy. But, the sky is the limit! Have fun with your color combinations - everything from green and yellow to pink and red!

As for the items to include in your basket, here is what I added:

- Mark & Graham Driver Cover (with personalization)

- Golf balls (I chose neon green, but here is where you can amplify your colors!)

- Golf shirt (George loves Nike dry fit)

When assembling your basket, add coordinating ribbon and crinkle paper to fill the basket. If you need more height, add a Tupperware container upside down for additional volume.


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