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Setting a charming green & white cabbage inspired Easter table

Hippity hop hop, Easter is on it's way! I fell in love with this gorgeous Williams Sonoma tablecloth, which borrows traditional Sicilian ceramics in warming shades of blue and green, so wanted to pull inspiration from the spring hues woven in pattern.

So, to welcome Easter and the changing season, I wanted to create and elegant table inspired by a bunny cabbage patch!

First, I started with the centerpiece to bring my vision to life. With various styles of bunnies, I played with the green flock bunnies paired with white ceramic ones. To further emulate a cabbage patch, add milk glass vases or bud vases with green and white flowers to create a blooming yet interwoven look. And, for a pop of color, orange carrots and wooden flowers helped bring out the contracting color of the tablecloth's geometric patter.

And, I loved these plates from Bordallo Pinheiro which are rustic yet sophisticated, creating a welcoming table for your holiday gathering. Each plate has intricate details with white veins that create a beautiful, ripple effect. I also love the layered look of a salad place on a dinner plate, which give the table more detail.

With any Easter table, the best way to bring one to life is starting with one element you want to be the focal point, then build the theme and additional decor elements around it.


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