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Ringing in 2022 with a charcuterie board

There's nothing like ringing in a new year with a delicious snack and dessert board! Queue the confetti and sounds the horns, because your guests will rave about every bite - especially with the mix of sweet and savory. For our board, we used the top half for sweet including homemade star sugar cookies drizzled with white chocolate and gold sprinkles, chocolates, white chocolate dipped Oreos, and chocolate drizzled pretzels. When creating the more 'savory' half, we incorporated fresh fruit, prosciutto, blueberry goat cheese and Brie.

One of the reasons this board was such a crowd pleaser was also because the colors of each food element complimented each other with gold, black and brown hues. Sticking to a color scheme as well as board theme can really help your board pop and stand out!

To display the board, we incorporated tinsel garland, a mini disco ball and party horns for a festive ensemble. Anytime you display your board, don't be afraid to play with props to really show off your beautiful work!


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