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Snowy eggnog bar for a winter party

Baby it's cold outside!! This past weekend we had a snowstorm in New England, which created a gorgeous scene of trees covered in snow from our balcony. Inspired by the flurries and monotone landscape, I wanted to create a spiked eggnog bar with a magical backdrop to inspire your next winter party or dinner.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

To transport the snow inside, I hung paper crepe fringe streamers paired with a silver backdrop you can pick up at your local party store. For the 'snow' effect I purchased these cutout snowflakes from Amazon and also made a cotton ball garland so it looked like snow was falling! Create a layered look and give your backdrop depth by hanging each element in front of each other with enough space to breath. I just used tape to secure each element!

To make the cotton ball garland, you'll need:

- 1 bag of cotton balls

- White thread

- Hot glue gun

- Sewing needle

Take your white thread and cut the length you desire (I usually start by measuring from the ceiling and then stop at where I want the garland to land. Next, thread your needle through about 6 - 9 cotton balls, pending how long the thread is. Make sure they are spaced out. Secure with a drop of hot glue underneath the cotton ball so they don't shift. As another detail, add fresh evergreen garland wrapped around the perimeter of the table.

Delicious treats and cheerful glass toppers!

Eggnog is such a quintessential holiday treat that can also be enjoyed in the winter when the holidays are over. Serving the eggnog a slender pitcher with a champagne tower creates a mystical look but also a fun, interactive element of the bar.

Bringing it a step further, making homemade gingerbread houses as glass toppers as well as gingerbread cookies and white chocolate popcorn can really elevate the setup. We used this adorable cookie cutter set to make these small houses and adhered them with a classic royal icing recipe.

Add height to your display

To really make a statement, adding height with various sized cake stands will create a beautiful cascading effect. Each cake stand is also purposeful with opportunities to display the mini gingerbread house glass toppers, cookies and even the champagne tower of glasses. If you don't have cake stands, you can use small plates or cheeseboards with an up-side-down tupperware containers and cover them with extra fringe crepe paper streamers around the base to hide the tupperware.


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