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Summer backyard picnic ideas

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Picnics are truly enjoyable in the summer, especially in your own backyard! Taking in the last few weeks of summer it's hard to resist spending as much time outside as possible. So why not put together a special meal and dust off the picnic blanket for a beautiful afternoon on the grass?! Creating a picnic setup is one of my favorite things to do, so I'm excited to share some tips for making your own.

Serve delicious food

A picnic isn't complete without delicious bites! From munchies to sandwiches, you can't go wrong. Below are some great picnic food ideas to make and serve. You can also place everything a wooden board for an easy yet beautiful display.

- Ham and brie sandwiches with arugula

- Cheese and crackers

- Grapes, or assorted seasonal fruits

- Salads (doesn't have to be lettuce, but you can make a potato or pasta salad!)

- Coleslaw

- Dessert tray (think easy and not very messy options like cookies, brownies or dessert bars)

- Sauvignon Blanc from 90+ Cellars (featuring bright citrus notes)

Create a relaxing setting

One of my favorite parts of a picnic is enjoying a relaxing day with friends or family. Creating a soothing setting will help elevate your experience, so start by laying down a picnic blanket and adding outdoor pillows for extra cushion. You can't forget the picnic basket and flowers for additional atmosphere.


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