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DIY ice cream Halloween costume

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!! Be extra sweet this Halloween with an simple (and easy) ice cream costume. For those who know me really well, I love anything to do with ice cream so of course going to a local ice cream parlor in my town definitely made this one of my favorite photo shoots.



1 tulle skirt

1 white t-shirt

4 rolls of colorful ribbon (found at Michaels)

Hot glue gun

Gold sparkle scrapbook paper


Styrofoam cone



First, take the scissors and cut two to three inch long strands of ribbon. Depending on your preference, you'll want a good handful so you have enough to fill the skirt and shirt. Once your ribbon is cut, take the glue gun and begin gluing the ribbons to the skirt in different directions. Make sure the skirt is full with ribbons. Next copy the same steps for the shirt.

Once the shirt and skirt are complete, take the styrofoam cone and hot glue the scrapbook paper to the cone, cutting the extra paper while tucking under and gluing to the bottom. Take the cone and glue to the headband.

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