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The perfect low-key Valentine's Day

A mellow Valentine's Day is sometimes the perfect way to celebrate your special someone. Between working full time, George in law school and Valentine's Day on a weekday, planning an elaborate date is just not realistic. We would honestly rather just spend time together then having the extra pressure of the holiday! This year we are planning on staying in, studying and ordering takeout...and we couldn't be happier. Sharing some fun low-key date ideas for you and your boo to try this Valentine's Day!

1. Cook dinner together. It can be something as simple as pizza! Pick a Pinterest worthy meal to cook together. You can even be adventurous by making something you've never tried before.

2. Movie night. Get the popcorn ready and pick a new or classic movie to enjoy! The perfect excuse to snuggle up and getting cozy by the fire. Some of the best Valentine's Day movies are La La Land, The Notebook, or Sleepless in Seattle.

3. Take out picnic by the fire. If you don't want to cook, grab takeout from your favorite restaurant and set up a romantic picnic. Find candles, a blanket and Christmas lights to set the atmosphere. Don't forget the champagne!

4. Make chocolate fondue. Keep it lighter with fresh, whole berries, bananas or orange segments with some indulgent treats like Oreoes, short cakes and pretzels. Chocolate is always a Valentine's Day staple!

5. Share your favorite memories. Take the time to spark the romance and share your favorite memories of time spent together. Share how special they are to you, which is what Valentine's Day is all about!

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