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Easy DIY removable feather pajama trim

Life is short, wear the damn feathers!! I've come to learn that little moments in life should be enjoyed, and if you see adorable feathers, sparkles, or sequins, WEAR THEM. You should do whatever makes YOU happy, which is what inspired my next DIY.

I found adorable feather pajamas online but they were too expensive...I'm sure there are other cheaper options out there, but I knew I could make them cheaper but also use my favorite pajama brand, Soma. I loved the vibrant pink of their Embraceable Long Sleeve Pajama Set and thought a removable feather trim would make them extra special while still giving me the option to remove them if I didn't want to have feathers for the day. It's a very easy DIY and you can make any color trim to match your button down pajamas.

Once you finish your trim, make sure to grab a glass of champagne to celebrate the glamorous look.



Spool of pink ribbon

Ostrich feather fringe


Hot glue gun


  1. Measure your wrist by wrapping the ribbon around, then cutting extra so you are able to tie a bow. Repeat so you have two ribbon strands that fit around your wrist.

  2. Next, measure out the Ostrich feather fringe so it is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch shorter than the ribbon on either side so you have enough to tie a bow. Repeat, cutting a total of 4x strands of the feather fringe and set aside.

  3. Take your hot glue gun and apply to the ribbon, then adhere the Ostrich feather fringe satin side to the ribbon. Repeat so you add another layer on top of the first layer of fringe. Follow instructions again for the second wrist band.

  4. Get in your favorite button down pajamas then tie the wrist bands to your wrist and enjoy!


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