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Easy summer tablescape

Summer is my favorite time to entertain family and friends because of the beautiful weather, light and airy colors and the abundance of flowers that make for the perfect tablescape. A few weekends ago my parents and I stopped at Marshalls on our way to go grocery shopping, and I fell in love with a set of patterned blue plates. Even though I still live at home, I've been trying to slowly purchase items such as decor or household necessities so that someday when I eventually move out I have a foundation to build off of. The plates were really cute and had a variety of patterns, they were also perfect because they complimented several decor items my mom had at home.

We loved the idea of sharing an easy tablescape that can be replicated with items you can find in your own home. I think one of the most common misconceptions of tablescapes is that you have to buy new items, dishes or decor for each setting you create, which can often steer people away from creating a beautiful atmosphere for guests. While you can purchase select key pieces, start by looking around your house for inspiration such as a statement piece you own, flowers from the garden or your favorite set of placemats. In the tablescape we created, we used several items we already owned such as large white plates to add an appealing layer, decorative blue and white spheres, circular vases, white napkins and silverware.

As you start exploring new options for your tablescape, don't be afraid to play around with the design and mix patterns for interest. For a centerpiece test different heights for flowers, candles or decor items (including fruit!) to add a layered effect. To create a casual vs. formal setting, play with tablecloths or placemats to set the mood. Most importantly, have fun exploring and creating something that will wow your guests!

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