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Gingerbread house party

Traditions are so important to celebrate and maintain each and every year! One of my favorite traditions to kick off the Christmas season is making gingerbread houses. We always use molds to create our own houses and spend hours decking them out with beautiful details.

This year in particular was truly special because we invited George's whole family to join us for a day filled with frosting, endless amounts of candy and laughter. Being our crazy selves, my mom and I ended up making 10 gingerbread houses using our molds and building them for our guests to enjoy. We wanted everyone to feel special, so we created mini name tags and embellished them with glitter for an extra festive touch.

If you're looking for a fun holiday activity, gingerbread houses are perfect to make especially with friends and family. As a kid friendly activity, make sure to have a wide range of candy to let everyone's creativity soar.

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