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DIY ornament wreath

There's something so whimsical about ornament wreaths during the holidays! If you're looking for something different than an evergreen wreath, this DIY one is really easy to make and compliments any holiday decor. I really love the mix of gold and rose gold, but the beauty of this wreath is that you can choose any color combination you want.



About 75-80 ornaments, different sizes

Hot glue



For a fuller look, I started off with this Vickerman gold tinsel wreath (they have a variety of colors to choose from) and purchased about 75-80 ornaments from Michaels. Keeping costs down, I chose a variety pack of shatterproof ornaments and also selected different gold and sparkly glass ornaments as a more prominent option. With Michaels having really amazing sales ahead of the holidays, it was definitely worth it purchasing them. I do really love the look of antique ornaments as well such as these gorgeous tutorials from Inspired by Charm and Martha Stewart, however the wreath still looks beautiful with the different gold hues!

You'll want to start by hot gluing the larger ornaments in one area, then spreading around to the entire wreath. The glue should be placed closer to the top or hook of the ornament to help it stick to the tinsel. I found laying the foundation by alternating large glass and shatterproof ornaments created a great base for some of the smaller ornaments to fit into. You can also have the shatterproof ornaments in the back of the wreath while the glass ones are more in the center. The key is to have the wreath look very full, with only a little bit of tinsel sticking through for a glitzy effect.

Continue adding ornaments until you're satisfied with the placement, and it's also okay to layer some of the smaller ornaments as well for an more dimensional look. If there are excess tinsel strands, you can cut them off and find holes to fill!

It took me a few days to finish this wreath because I wanted to step away and look at it with a fresh set of eyes, but overall total it took only an hour to two hours to make. Happy holidays and I hope this ornament wreath brings you holiday cheer!

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