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Lights, camera, action with this Oscar worthy snack board

Who's watching the Oscars this weekend?! This Oscar worthy snack board is the perfect way to make an impact during a viewing party. Featuring delicious sweet and savory snacks this board has a little bit of everything for your guests! One of my favorite parts of going to the movies or enjoying one at home, is eating yummy food, especially the kind you don't eat everyday.

When building your board, start by selecting a variety of snacks you know you're guests will enjoy. For this board, I chose my favorite candy, and a few savory, salty options such as chips and Cheez-Its. I also wanted to incorporate the Hollywood clapboard for a fun tie-in prop (you can grab yours at Party City!). Also don't feel like you have to buy new snacks for your board, because a lot of what I used we already had new bags at home.

To style your board, start by selecting a longer wood board for extra room, then place your Hollywood clapboard on either end. From there, place your smaller dishes to add dimensions and layers. As you start positioning your candy and snacks, take your longer candy such as the Twizzlers or rock candy and place on either end. Make sure you have enough color around the board for whimsical look. Once the chips and cookies were placed, I used the M&Ms as filler and a way to add extra pops of color.

Hope you enjoy this delicious board, and look to customize it based on your favorite snacks and candy! Even if your favorite movie doesn't win, you'll certinaly be the winner at your party.

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