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Simple Easter tablescape

Even though my family won't be together for Easter this year due to our travel schedule, my mom and I wanted to build a stunning centerpiece to share with all of you for inspiration! Sometimes even the most unexpecting focal pieces make for a bold statement, such as this antique carpenter box that we used as the base of our tablescape.

During our initial brainstorming phase, we knew we wanted to incorporate flowers and other Easter elements such as eggs and a cute bunny to really play up holiday accent pieces. I also loved my mom's adorable cabbage plates so I knew I wanted them featured as well. We went to our local garden center to pick up these beautiful flowers and moss, which we used to cover the the gaps between each plant.

When styling the box, we put plastic containers under the plants and bunny to elevate them and create different heights. From there, we played around with adding the moss and eggs. Overall, this was a really simple but beautiful piece to put together!

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