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How to Make Your Own Kentucky Derby Hat

Horse racing isn’t the only thing the Kentucky Derby is known for! Fashionable ensembles and chic hats have been a tradition since the 1920s. To bring his vision of a high-profile horse race in America to life, founder Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. and his wife turned to the elite ladies in Louisville to attend the race in their high-fashion dress code in hopes of elevating the status of the event and gain attention. While the fashion rules have changed over the years, the iconic hats have remained a Kentucky Derby staple for goers and viewers alike.

With the Kentucky Derby this weekend, I wanted to share how to make your own hat to celebrate the long-standing history! Using materials that I already had at my house, the hat took about 20 minutes to make. Whether you’re going to the race or viewing from home, you’ll certainly stand out! So, grab your Mint Julep and get ready for some fun crafting.



1 sun hat (I found mine at Marshalls)

Tulle (color of your choice, about 2-3 feet depending on the hat size)

Hot glue gun


5-6 fake roses

1 bouquet of filler flowers (I used leftover tulips from my wreath and some leaves I had from past bouquets)


The first thing to consider when making your hat is what color tulle will go best with your Kentucky Derby outfit! I chose a vibrant pink color to compliment the flowers on my dress. From there, this will help inform which colors to choose for your flowers.

Take the tulle and tie it around the base of the hat. Next, position your flowers on one side of your hat, gluing down the bigger flowers as a base. You'll the start to work in the smaller flowers to continue filling up space and creating a full look. Finish off the hat by adding leaves from the flower bouquet for additional detail.

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