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How to Host a Game of Thrones Viewing Party

The end is coming...and many of us have mixed emotions about the series finale of Game of Thrones. Transparently, there's very few shows that I have to watch week after week when new episodes premiere, but Game of Thrones has really become a captivating global phenomenon with fascinating plot lines and relatable characters.

With so many unanswered questions, fan favorites battling the test of time, and just two episodes left, what better way to celebrate the suspense with a Game of Thrones themed viewing party?! Weaving elements from the show throughout the decor and food options, I chose elements that were easier to bring together in a short amount of time but that would also impress guests, especially with the attention to detail.

A cheese board fit for a Queen (or King)!

Let's be honest, almost everyone in Game of Thrones loves to have elaborate celebrations, so give your guests something enjoyable to feast on with this tasty cheese board. Select two to three cheese options, such as drunken goat or sharp cheddar as the focal point for the board. Next, add dry fruits, grapes, dragon fruit and other delicious bites to graze on (some other ideas include pickles, a variety of meats, peppers and more!).

For thematic elements, spray paint a wolf and a dragon figurine silver to represent The Starks and Daenerys, placing on the cheese board around the food groupings. You'll also want to incorporate an Iron Throne to make the scene authentic to the story. I actually made the Iron Throne with styrofoam, building the chair mold and then hot gluing sword skewers to replicate the look of the original throne. It isn't a viewing party without an Iron Throne!

Sansa's Lemon Cakes Weave in Sansa Stark's favorite type of cake for a decadent treat. Using Bon Appetit's recipe, you'll add a touch of sweetness to your food spread that is fit for royalty. During Game of Thrones the upper-class noblewomen would be seen eating these small cakes during social gatherings, so they are a perfect taste of delight.

Bloody, Bloody Mary

Game of Thrones is filled with bloody, bloody violence and gore, making the Bloody Mary a rightful drink. Out of all the characters in the show, Arya Stark has more blood on her hands than ever, especially with her kill list. From her assassin skills to the epic ending during the Battle of Winterfell, Arya Stark has a bold, fiery personality. Even going back to the days of the Red Wedding episode, this drink ties into the theme seamlessly.

The Mother of Dragons Invite

Summon your guests with an invite fit for the Mother of Dragons. Before your party begins, send guests a custom invite they will bend the knee to. Using a styrofoam egg, create a scale effect by pinning sequins to the egg shape (repeating until the egg is covered). Place in a square box and fill with crinkle paper or moss, positioning the egg on top.

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