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4 tips for creating an at home spa night

One of my favorite themed girls nights has always been an at home spa night! It's so relaxing to unwind with your BFF, and almost everything you can already find in your house...from nail polish to face-masks and plush bathrobes. Even growing up my best friend, Steph, and I would always paint each other's nails and have at home spa parties, so why not add a luxurious spin on it with your friends as an adult!? To recreate your own night at home I wanted to share some tips for you to enjoy a relaxing girls night!

- Incorporate fun, soothing decor. While I didn't pick a specific theme, the colors I used complimented our backyard color palette. I started by looking at Pinterest for inspiration and brainstorming with Steph to figure out what to incorporate. We added a balloon arch that matched our bathrobes and the backyard furniture, placed flower bouquets around the patio and tried to keep everything simple and cohesive. You can really pick any color combination you want or even a fun theme like a tropical spa night (think pineapples and vibrant decor!) Also in your water bucket add some citrus slices and flower petals to match your bouquets.

- Set a tray with all your necessities! Find a larger tray or empty surface outside to place your spa night necessities on. This is where you'll want to style the tray or table with flowers and organize your face-masks, nail polish, bathrobes, nail clippers, etc. I added some height for extra dimension and other fun accents that matched the tray. You can also use smaller dishes or add a water bowl to soak your nails!

- Refreshing flavored water. Fill a few pitchers with water and cut fruit or herbs. I used blueberries and mint for the first pitcher and lemon and strawberry for the second, however you can use really any combination of fruit even all citrus with orange, lemons and limes or classic cucumber water.

- Make healthy spa bites. Spas always have healthy little bites, so we sliced avocados in half and mixed together black beans, tomatoes, feta, corn, oil, chopped cilantro and seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika and cumin! Other yummy bites can be fruit cups, finger sandwiches or yogurt parfaits.

So sit back, sip on mimosas, relax and enjoy!

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