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Elevate your tailgate game with these easy tips

GO TEAM!! What better way to kick off football season than elevating your tailgate game?! Growing up in New England, I truly was spoiled to have such a great football team to watch with my family. Every time there was a Sunday game my mom would make the most delicious spread of food to enjoy while we were watching the Patriots dominate whatever team they were playing. From vegetable crudité boards to homemade chili, our house become THE place to watch football. Along the way I also learned football food doesn’t need to be fried or include options that are too unhealthy.

This year we’ve started watching the games outside at George’s house, so I thought it would be fun to set up a tailgate inspired spread that you can really take anywhere—from inside, to your backyard, or even tailgating before a game! Featuring thematic football elements and yummy bites, it will surely be a game to remember.

It’s all about the food. Having great food really brings people together, so for this setup I included some simple snack items such as chips and popcorn, but also added some other delicious options.

  • Crudité platter - Taking it a step further, create a crudité platter with fresh vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, grape tomatoes, and sugar snap peas along with a classic white bean dip with dill and mint for a flavorful dipping option. I’d recommend incorporating the herbs into the actual dip and as a garnish!

  • Wings - As the last food element, wings are always a football go to, and can really be any flavor—from buffalo to lemon herb.

Elevate your tailgate with some chic elements! I decorated my Jeep with paper tassel garland, a fake grass ‘field’ to place in the tray, a cute Ready, Set, Eat! sign, and a football vase. These little details will really make your setup touchdown worthy.

  • Football vase - All you need is a cheap football, scissors, a large mason jar and flowers! Cut just above the white line on a football (all around) making sure the vase fits inside. On the bottom, cut a smaller circle to ensure the arrangement can stand on its own.

  • Fake grass ‘field’ – I purchased a cheap roll of fake grass on Amazon, cut to fit the inside of the tray, and painted white yard-lines on it to create an authentic look.

  • Feature your team – As a finishing touch, be sure to add elements from your favorite team! Such as a team blanket, bucket to hold popcorn, napkins, or food picks.

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