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How to throw a haunting Halloween party

Halloween is such a fun holiday to gather with friends! With frightful creativity, the sky is the limit when picking a theme and building a haunting atmosphere. Sharing tips for making a spooky evening to enjoy with your favorite ghouls and goblins!

Incorporate tulle as your main decor

Tulle sets a whimsical background and is really cost effective! It's a pretty inexpensive way to transform a room for your guests, and there's so many great colors to choose from. With our haunting Halloween party I selected the traditional Halloween colors including orange, black and a hint of green. From your table to the walls and even layering your balloons, you can really elevate a space with beautiful swooping shapes.

Set up a haunting candy bar

Candy is a Halloween staple! Incorporating a candy bar offers a fun option for guests to munch on their favorite delicious treats. Start by hanging and placing the tulle in and around a chest, bar car or buffet area. Using cauldrons, glass jars and apothecary jars will add different levels and height variety to make it more appealing. For an extra special *spooky* element, you can build these adorable haunted houses from Wilton and Target, decorating with Halloween candy for a special detailed touch (pro-tip: use a hot glue gun to have the candy stick and last longer!).

Spooky table setting

From a sparkly skull head and hands to eerie black florals, a chilling tablescape will help set the scene. Laying tulle down as a tablecloth, place whimsical plates and matching cauldrons from your candy bar on top of the plates while filling with candy corn. As a centerpiece, you can arrange beautiful, creepy florals in a cauldron and feature a sparkly skull as the focal point. Try spray painting dried hydrangeas black for a special touch. Other details I included are ghostly black candles, napkins tied to resemble candy wrappers, and adorable skeleton hands. Also play with the tulle overlapping different elements of the table!

Dessert you can't resist

Bring back a childhood classic with these adorable dirt cups! I made Epicurious' delicious chocolate pudding recipe and incorporated semi-sweet chocolate for an extra layer (you can also add in whiskey or rum to make it even more adult friendly). Once the pudding cools, place in serving glasses, such as these from Crate & Barrel

and add crushed Oreos for the topping. To match our Halloween party theme I placed these adorable orange sparkly skeleton hands in the pudding for a bone-chilling effect.

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