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A simple guide to elevating your lemonade stand

Nothing screams summer is on the way quite like a refreshing lemonade stand! When we were younger, almost every summer my sister and I would create an adorable lemonade stand in our driveway and sell little cups to our neighbors and those walking buy. It definitely is a quintessential summer staple here in New England, and a tradition that should be carried on.

Having a lemonade dispenser can most certainly be elevated for any summer gathering in the backyard with friends or family, especially when it comes to incorporating budget friendly accents and a whimsical backdrop!

Setting up the lemonade stand

While I didn't have a traditional lemonade stand structure, using a bistro table or something similar in size will make it feel cozy while also looking whimsical. Placing a Provence inspired tablecloth on top of the table will also channel the Southern France aesthetic that's truly captivating. Another important element is adding a wooden crate to give the dispenser some additional height for easy serving. I love this dispenser from Williams Sonoma and it was perfect for this display.

Weave in lemons and greenery

The simple yet elegant nature of this setup has a lot to do with the fresh lemons and greenery woven throughout the scape. Pick up greenery from your local florist or grocery store and place on either side of the beverage dispenser to frame it. Once you're happy with how the display is shaping up, place lemons in and around the table and dispenser for a refreshing, citrus look. Placing the lemons in clusters of two or three gives your guests something aesthetically pleasing to look at.

DIY felt lemon garland

A subtle background will make your surroundings complement the lemonade stand setup - such as this adorable lemon garland! It's super simple to make and can really create a stunning visual. Here's how you can bring the garland to life yourself...


- Three sheets of large yellow felt

- One sheet of large green felt

- Yellow ribbon

- Hot Glue Gun

- Sharpie


  1. Take your Sharpie and draw out a lemon shape, which almost emulates a teardrop shape with slight curvature at the bottom of the lemon. Cut out and use it as a template for the rest of your lemons. I cut 15 total to create the garland, but the beauty of this craft is you can cut as many as you want to make the garland even longer.

  2. Once your lemons are cut out, draw a smaller tear drop shape like a leaf on the green felt. You will want to cut two leaves for each lemon.

  3. Next, take your hot glue gun and adhere two leaves onto each lemon. Once all lemons are complete, adhere the lemons to the yellow ribbon, spacing them out evenly.

  4. As a final touch, hang your garland behind the lemonade stand (or wherever you are placing it!).

Don't forget the accent pieces!

It's all about the details, especially when creating something visually stunning (and photo-worthy, of course!). Some ideas include:

- Yellow straws in a mason jar

- Lemon apron (I love mine from Williams Sonoma!)

- Lemon or yellow cocktail napkins

- Lemon wedges for a garnish

- White or yellow flowers


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