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A whimsical backyard Fourth of July table

The Fourth of July is a truly nostalgic celebration filled with barbecues, beach visits, fireworks and celebrating the United States. Considering we'll be celebrating July Fourth at home this year, I wanted to create an elegant tablescape to enjoy the evening in the backyard! I hope it inspires you to design a beautiful setting at home too!

Vintage vase centerpiece

I've always had an eye for vintage milk glass vases. There's something so charming yet simplistic about the delicate designs and glass texture. I knew I wanted to bring to life a beautiful table because my family would be gathered around it for the majority of the day. So I purchased an assortment of red, white and blue flowers and used the beautiful milk glass vases from my mom's collection and filled in the rest with a few of mine to line the center of the table with flowers and flags.

Setting the table

With the centerpiece being the main focal point of the table, I wanted to ensure the tablecloth and place settings complemented the overall aesthetic of the scape. Placing a navy tablecloth on the table adds a dramatic color to let the white milk glass vases shine. From there, each place setting had a white dinner plate and a blue and white salad plate to tie the colors together. There's a lot you can do with the napkins too, but I placed them on the plates for an organized look.

Incorporating the American flag

To seamlessly tie together the overall look of the setup, weave in the American flag throughout, from adding to the vases or hanging a flag behind the table. The flag makes it even more festive for the holiday!

Firework treat bags

Because our local firework celebrations are canceled this year I wanted to add a *pop* to the table with these super simple DIY treat bags. You can order treat bags from Amazon or the craft store, along with fabric adhesive and red, white and blue sequins. From there, glue the sequins on to form the shape of a's that easy!! Adding the treat bags to the table decor made it extra whimsical, especially with the themed candy I included.


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