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At home Cinco de Mayo celebration tips

I've always believed that you need to celebrate the little moments in life and while our day-to-day, milestones and holidays are certainly different, it's still important to find creative ways to enjoy these moments. Cinco de Mayo is one of those opportunities to kick your fiesta up a notch with simple food, decor and atmosphere ideas!

Serve your favorite, festive food

For those that you're living with whether family or roommates, make your favorite tacos, salsa, guacamole and fajita recipes while offering simple toppings such as cheese, beans, avocado and onions. Another fun recipe to try is my chocolate tacos I created a few years ago - perfect for dessert and don't forget your margarita! You can also order takeout/delivery from a local restaurant to help support your community.

Find pops of color for decor

The beauty of adding fun, festive colors is that a lot of these elements can be found around your house! Especially because we only make necessary trips to the grocery store once a week, try looking for anything in your home including colorful napkins, streamers, serving trays, plates, or garden flowers. Play around with the styling of your items and set a festive table to enjoy a delicious meal.

Have a change of scenery

If it's nice outdoors, take your dinner or treats outside to enjoy together. You can also host a virtual margarita hour with your friends on Zoom by propping up your computer and inviting them to 'join' your party for a change of scenery but also great company.


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