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Create a tropical pajama party with these easy steps

With extra time at home and travel restrictions in place around the world, you can still bring your favorite tropical destinations to your own backyard! Kara and I recently ordered these adorable pajamas from Target and knew a fun theme for a relaxing day outdoors would be something different to enjoy. Using outdoor cushions and a small table we were able to create a cozy set up with the beautiful grass plant in our patio. So you can enjoy at home too, we're excited to share a few tips for how you can recreate a relaxing afternoon!

Infuse tropical decorations

To really transform the space and make it feel like paradise, we purchased these faux leaves from Amazon and these hibiscus flowers to create a beautiful runner for the ground. Our original plan was to hang it to form an arch, but unfortunately with the heat outside the hot glue wasn't durable enough to hold the silky fabric together. Honestly, the setup was much prettier this way and it was a unique display to be surrounded by the garland of sorts. The key is to create the design by using layers for extra texture and dimension, gluing different sized leaves on top of each other to create a nice overlap.

Build a refreshing fruit platter

When we went to Hawaii years ago, one of my favorite memories was the fruit we enjoyed by the pool...everything from frozen grapes to pineapple and kiwi. Take a cheese board or platter and arrange an assortment of fruit while adding the top of a pineapple to the board for a decorative accent. We also incorporated blueberries and blackberries on top of other fruit for a pretty overlapping effect.

Make tropical cocktails

There's so many delicious options to choose from, so pick your favorite to drink! Between Pina Coladas to pineapple juice with rum, make sure to add a festive garnish such as an orchid, pineapple slice, paper umbrella or even serve in a coconut or pineapple. For our tropical celebration we took a juice made with pineapple, orange, banana and apple then added a shot of rum...YUM!


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