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Creative groomsmen proposal gifts for the special men in your wedding

One of my favorite moments during the planning process for our wedding was asking the important people in our lives to be a part of our special day! After some nudging and recommending we move away from just a casual conversation to ask his groomsmen, George and I decided to make custom boxes for his friends to surprise them for the special occasion!

With our cocktail style wedding reception, we are hoping to create a relaxed mix and mingling vibe which we channeled for the custom DIY proposal box with simple items for George's friends to enjoy and that pay homage to the theme while featuring a sophisticated design!

We chose the front of a simple black box to make the tuxedo our focal point, then filled each with themed socks (J. Crew Factory has some great deals on men's apparel), a nip and cigar. Other items you can explore incorporating include a bowtie, wallet, tie, etc.

The most important part is making groomsmen know how much they mean to the groom and selecting a proposal that either honors your wedding vision or features meaningful items to their friendship. If you are looking to recreate these classic tuxedo boxes, I outlined a step by step toutorial and provided a template for printing.


- Printed tuxedo template (see below)

- Black boxes (size 6" X 8" X 1.75" recommended)

- Black cardstock

- White cardstock

- Cardstock to match your wedding colors

- Hot glue gun

- Cigars

- Alcohol nips

- Socks

- Crickle gift filler


  1. Print out the below template to trace and cut out each element on card stock. The lapels should be black along with the bow tie and buttons. For the vest, use whatever color cardstock that complements your wedding colors (we used burgundy!).

  2. Once all the tuxedo pieces are cut, start assembling them first with the vest then adhering the 'shirt' piece to the back of the vest. Next, glue on the lapels followed by the bowtie and buttons.

  3. After the tuxedo is assembled, fill the box with crinkle paper then place your gift items inside the box.

  4. For an additional detail, you can include handwritten or printed cards in each box to say something along the lines of "Take a shot! Will you be my groomsman?


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