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Decadent Valentine's Day dessert table setup

Valentine's Day is always full of romantic suprises and of course, sweet treats! While celebrating at home this year, make sure you make it special for your family, friends or loved ones to enjoy. For a love filled day, set up an irresistable dessert table filled with decadent treats and adorable decorations that even Cupid will shoot his arrow for!

Create a balloon backdrop

Who doesn't love a magnificant background...especially with balloons?! To help transform your setup, create an "X" and "O" balloon display by cutting cardboard posters into each letter and adhering together. Once your letters are built, attach balloons using glue dots and packing tape, making sure there are layers for a additional dimenson. As an extra magical touch insert baby's breath between small gaps to help create a whimsical effect.

Display a variety of sweet treats

Don't forget it's all about the treats! You can either bake your favorite desserts or if you have a sweet tooth, pickup different dessert opttions at Whole Foods or your local grocery story for petite cakes, mini cheesecakes and fruit tarts, which all pair well with a juicy rosé.

To create a romantic display, arrange your desserts on a surface of conversation hearts while using varrying sizied cake stands for different heights.


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