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Delicious hot chocolate board tutorial

It's officially hot chocolate season! Everywhere I turn, there is always a new board idea or inspiration, so why not create a hot chocolate board for a movie night in or your next holiday themed gathering? Boards are so versatile and give guests such a variety of options, which is part of the reason why their popularity continues to grow. Also, they can be a visually stunning display especially with all the layers and intricate textures of each food items!

Hot chocolate board

1. First, select the board and serving items you want to use

To highlight the the classic holiday hues of red and green, I wanted to add a vintage flair with the holiday mugs I grew up with paired with this gorgeous red Williams Sonoma platter. While you can absolutely use a wooden board, I wanted to change up the display a bit from what I usually do!

You'll want something large enough for all your hot chocolate toppings and fixings, as well as smaller bowls for smaller items like crushed candy canes or M&Ms. So make sure to place the small bowls on the platter before you start placing items down so you can start plannig through how the items are displayed.

2. Weave the larger items in and around the platter

Start with focusing on the larger items such as chocolate spoons, chocolate wands with candy canes or marshmallows, candy canes, etc. You'll want them scattered around the tray so it looks more symmetrical, so begin by making clusters of the same item together on one side of the tray and follow by doing the same across or diagonally.

3. Fill in the holes with smaller food items

Once your larger items are placed, you'll want to fill in the holes with your other smaller items including marshmallows, kisses, patterned marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate squares. Don't be afraid to overlap items as well for a more organic look.

4. Enjoy your hot chocolate with festive decor!

It's not just about the platter, but how you display it for guests! Which is why it's important to place with complementing table linens or on a beautiful table, surrounded by holiday decor such as ribbons, ornaments, or mini trees.

Make sure to serve with your favorite hot chocolate - by warming milk and melting in the chocolate, then adding all the delicious toppings!


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